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Michael Carstens

Born in 1972 in a very very small village 50 km north of Hamburg. Grew up on a farm. Childhood together with a lot of ghosts.

Now lives in Berlin.

After civil service study of agricultural science and landscape developing in Kiel for 3 years. A mistake. Worked for 3 years as a manager for logistics in a big multi national construction site in Schleswig-Holstein.

Started University again – German language and literature studies and film. Again a mistake

2001 started working with film. First as a videoartist for electronical music. Worked with bands like Rockers HiFi, Glyn Bush, Sven Dohse, LTJ Bukem, Turntable Rockers, Micatone, Mojo Club Hamburg, Andrew Smith of Portishead… Lot of video installations like “Stadt in Traum” in Neumünster, “Mont Blanc” near Kiel, Philharmonie Nordrhein Westphalen, Museum für Gegenwartskunst Hamburg, Vertretung des Landes Schleswig-Holstein beim Bund in Berlin, MELT! Festival, Fusion Festival, Trailer Park Kopenhagen, Bla in Oslo, Beethoven Festival Bonn, Jazz Fest Berlin, City of Hamburg,  Video Work with Mike Svoboda, Ansgar Wallenhorst, Rainer Elstermann

TV Work for ARTE Kurzschluß

Imagefilms for German Red Cross, Blood Donation Service.

Commercials for German Red Cross und Blood Donation Service for Cinema on 35mm

At the Moment working with the Band WAREIKA (Hamburg) on several projects.

Shortfilms and Musicvideos since 2001 shown all over the world.

Filmed on Video, S8, S16, HD and ARRI D21.

Short Films so far

  • Don´t Imagine 2003
  • Stadt im Traum 2004
  • How to disappear completely 2005
  • Die Katze 2007
  • Kurz vor Wort 2009
  • Das Erste Bild 2011
  • Once In a Tube 2011


Winner Shortfilm Competition Straight8 at Cannes Film Festival 2011